A store has asked me to provide a reference or applicant number along with my application. How can I find this?

This number is no longer relevant or available on your profile. The store will only need your name and email address in order to consider your application.

I’ve attended an interview. How’s my application progressing?

You’ll receive an email letting you know the outcome of your interview shortly. At times, we’re working through large volumes of applicants and will get back to you as soon as we can. Please note the status shown in your profile is accurate and we will always be in touch when there is a change to the status of your application.

I’ve been invited to complete a Video Interview, but I don’t have a webcam. How can I participate?

You can access this via your smart phone or tablet as well. You’ll just need to use a web browser to log into your Coles Careers account as normal and follow the prompts.

I have successfully gained a role at Coles. How do I find out my start date and induction details?

Once you’ve accepted your contract of employment, you’ll be emailed login details to myhub, which is an online portal for our team members.

Please log into myhub as soon as possible and complete the onboarding tasks (ie bank details, super details and tax file information). Your leader will be notified once this is completed and will then contact you regarding your induction.

If you’d like to follow up with the store, our store phone numbers are available online and through the stores page on coles.com.au.

Working Requirements

What are the minimum age requirements?

What we’re looking for?
Generally, you will need to be at least 15 years of age to apply for employment with Coles. For some brands, such as Liquor and Coles Express, you will need to be at least 18 years of age. You can find more information on the Information For Parents and Carers.

What age can my child start working?
Each state and territory in Australia has its own requirements regarding the minimum age of employment and the conditions that apply. As a national employer, Coles will generally only accept applications from prospective team members who are aged 15 years and older for our supermarkets and online business.

In some cases, we’ll need your written permission to allow your child to start with us or other documentation in support. If so, the store you’ve applied with will make it easy and guide you through the steps.

For Coles Services - we will generally only accept applications from prospective team members who are aged 16 years and older.
For Liquor, Coles Express and distribution jobs - applicants will need to be at least 18 years of age.

Do I need to show proof of my working rights?

We will request this information from you during the application process and you will need to upload the following original documents to your profile;

  • Australian or foreign passport or
  • Australian birth certificate and photo ID or
  • Australian citizenship certificate and photo ID

Contact us

Coles Recruitment
Please check if we haven’t already answered your question in the Frequently Asked Questions above. If you can’t find the answer you need, you can email us at colesrecruitment@coles.com.au

Inclusive Recruitment
If you are an applicant with disability or you require adjustments or inclusive recruitment support throughout the process, you can contact our Inclusive Recruitment team at inclusionrecruitment@coles.com.au