Information for parents and carers

Part-time and casual jobs at Coles Group

Your child's first job is an exciting time in their lives and yours. And, we also know it can be a nerve-racking adventure! From writing their first application to completing their first interview, it’s a daunting task but one that can also be rewarding and achievable. We’re here to make applying for that first job a great experience that boosts confidence and sets your child up for a positive transition into the world of paid work.     

We care about the wellbeing of our young team members and will strive to provide a rewarding, safe and nurturing work environment.

What are the minimum age requirements?

What we’re looking for?
Generally, you will need to be at least 15 years of age to apply for employment with Coles. For some brands, such as Liquor and Coles Express, you will need to be at least 18 years of age. 

What age can my child start working?
Each state and territory in Australia has its own requirements regarding the minimum age of employment and the conditions that apply. As a national employer, Coles will generally only accept applications from prospective team members who are aged 15 years and older for our supermarkets and online business. 

Click here to learn about minimum age requirements by state and territory.

In some cases, we’ll need your written permission to allow your child to start with us or other documentation in support. If so, the store you’ve applied with will make it easy and guide you through the steps.

For Coles Services - we will generally only accept applications from prospective team members who are aged 16 years and older.
For Liquor, Coles Express and distribution jobs - applicants will need to be at least 18 years of age.

Our recruitment process

Stage 1: Application

The first step to becoming a Coles Group team member is completing an application. Check out the job search section of website to search for available jobs in your area.

We recommend applying for any suitable positions as they come up. When completing the application your child will be asked a selection of questions including their Availability for shifts and what areas of the store they are interested in working. This is to help stores plan rosters and choose departments that will be a good match, it would be great if your child can indicate days and times that are suitable on an ongoing basis. It’s no problem if this needs to change down the track.

Once an application has been completed our Coles recruitment team will get in touch and confirm whether they’re advancing to the next stage. Fingers crossed!

Our processes can be pretty competitive, so if your child isn’t successful on the first go, they should definitely re-apply in the future. We wish you both the best of luck.

Stage 2: Interview

If your child is successful, they’ll receive an email about the next steps, an interview. This may be a video interview or in person, for tips on completing interviews see Interview and Resume Tips for more information.

After the interview, your child will hear from the store to let them know if they got the job and share induction details

Stage 3: Online offer

After receiving a verbal offer from the store, your child will receive an email from our Coles recruitment team with their formal offer of employment and a request for banking, tax and emergency contact details to be submitted online.

It’d be great if you could help your child complete this information. They’re also welcome to contact the store for any assistance they might need.

Unsuccessful applicants

If your child’s application is unsuccessful we will let you know by email. This doesn't mean they can’t be considered for other positions with us, we will continue to match your child to suitable roles as they become available.

What to expect when your child is working with us

Coles Group is a great place for a first job. We offer flexible working arrangements with no late shifts. Working with us won’t interfere with school hours and we’ll do our best to accommodate any afterschool activities your child may have. 

School students are rostered for shifts in the afternoons, evenings, weekends and school holidays. They’ll receive their roster in advance, which makes it easier to plan for other commitments.

We’ll provide your child with extensive training, support and on-going guidance to make sure they fully understand their job responsibilities, including safety requirements and processes. Your child should feel safe and comfortable whenever they come into work with us.

Good things start here. Is your child ready to join Coles Group?